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I believe children are creative and resilient, and have an innate capacity for growth.

expression + collaboration

 I believe therapy is a place for children to express themselves and engage in their own healing/growth process.

creativity + growth

safety + trust



I establish safety and stability by taking time to help children understand the therapy process and keeping a consistent session structure.


We'll spend time getting to know each other in a space that promotes creativity and where your child can freely explore and express themselves.

I strive to create a collaborative environment between myself, you, and your child. We'll work together to identify your child's and your family's unique strengths. We'll also explore how to build on those strengths to help them through challenges.

Specialties: anxiety | depression | trauma | self-esteem | self-compassion

self-expression | behavioural concerns | emotional dysregulation

Children possess unlimited potential and creative resources for growing, coping, and developing. 

- Garry Landreth

staying connected

getting started

step 1: consultation

Contact me to request a free 20-minute phone consultation. We will briefly discuss what brings you/your child to therapy and explore whether it's a fit.

step 2: intake session

Once you've completed the consultation, you can book an intake session. Only caregiver(s) and the therapist will be present at this appointment. The purpose of this initial appointment is for the therapist to collect background information, learn about what you want for your child, and discuss therapeutic plans.

step 3: client portal + intake form

When you book your intake session, you'll be prompted to create a client account (see staying connected for more info) and review/sign the intake form. 

step 4: child session

Once you've completed the intake session, it’s time to book your child’s first session! You can book a child session online or request an appointment by email.

staying connected

The client portal is a secure way for you to manage appointments and billing, sign forms, and more! Your therapist also uses the account to record progress and share documents.


  • Set up the account under your child's name.

  • Under contact information, enter the email address where you would like to receive appointment reminders, receipts, etc.

  • All caregivers with decision-making power should be listed under parent/guardian and should review & sign the intake form.

a person's a person, no matter how small! 

- Dr. Seuss

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