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accessible services for students

All students deserve a safe space where they can prioritize their mental health. 


I was a university student for 10 years and I've worked directly with students for ~7 years. I know students go through a lot. Pursuing higher education requires immense dedication and vulnerability, and students often experience a lot of pressure. It can be helpful to have a space to go that is reserved just for you, to focus on you. A space where you can process your experiences, get support, and move forward.


When I started my practice, I knew I wanted to offer accessible services to students by breaking some of the major barriers they face in seeking mental health support: money, time, and stigma/fear. I offer special student rates, some evening hours plus online sessions, and a non-judgmental space for all. You are free to use your session time to talk, set and work toward goals, or simply as a place to breathe and make some art! 


At Yellowtree Therapy Services, you can access affordable mental health services from a Registered Provisional Psychologist and Professional Art Therapist --- me (Evangeline)! The current rate for post-secondary students who self-identify as being in need of a reduced rate is $150 per 1-hour session (in-person or online). See the Booking page for availability.

To access the student rate, book your session online and email indicating that you wish to access the student rate.


*Note: the student rate cannot be applied retroactively. You must email me requesting the reduced rate prior to your appointment to receive it. Once you have been approved for the reduced rate, I will make an adjustment to your account so future sessions are charged at the same rate, unless/until we discuss an alternate fee arrangement.


Check with your school's Student Union/Association to find out about student health insurance and make the most of your coverage. Direct billing to Alberta Blue Cross is available. If you have insurance through a different provider, you will need to pay the cost of your session up front and submit the claim directly to your provider for reimbursement.